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Dave Gustafson is a leader in the field of Digital Marketing, which focuses on helping businesses grow through effective online marketing techniques. This journey begins with a detailed assessment of a company's digital footprint and gap analysis with respect to goals. With this information, he creates a customized digital marketing plan and implements the techniques that fit in the company's budget and priorities. These techniques can include Websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, Marketing Automation, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, and more. Every technique would also be built in a way to measure effectiveness so the companies can measure ROI.
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Steve Graber, Aspire Homes Colorado


Heartland Connect has had a tremendous impact on the business community around Colorado Springs since its founding. Thanks to Steve and Sarah Fisher for hosting a phenomenal monthly event. Great people surround themselves with other great people. That is what Heartland Connect has become…a network of great people promoting one another.

Steve Graber, Aspire Homes Colorado2019-05-14T14:38:38-06:00

Dave Gustafson, WSI Peak Digital Strategy


Steve Fisher is a natural connector, and Heartland Connect is the place to go for meeting other business leaders to establish partnerships, build your referral network, and even find new business opportunities. I have developed excellent power partners, discovered new client opportunities, and connected others with each other. This is the best after hours networking event in town.

Dave Gustafson, WSI Peak Digital Strategy2019-04-22T02:42:31-06:00

Cynthia Halverson, Hydration and More


Steve and Sarah Fisher have been reaching out to our community in many ways since their arrival here. Heartland Connect is just one of many ways that they give back to the community and Tri-Lakes Cares. I have found many great business connections through this group that have grown into lasting professional and personal relationships.

Cynthia Halverson, Hydration and More2019-05-14T14:39:01-06:00

Mariya Schoening, Springs Cleaning Company


Heartland Connect is a fantastic networking group. Steve and Sarah Fisher are friendly and kind and excellent connectors. This group is high energy and business does happen here! I reconnected with a former client and jump started a new business relationship. Networking really works and this group is where it’s at.

Mariya Schoening, Springs Cleaning Company2019-05-14T14:39:09-06:00

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