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Phone: 719.208.4161
Email: office@apacheelec.com
Website: www.ApacheElec.com
553 E Cimarron St
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

This Is Who We Are

We, Apache Electric & Maintenance, Inc., are a purpose-driven company. A collaborative effort from a team composed of Colorado’s top electricians. A collection of motivators, project ignitors, and professors of preservation. Individuals who believe your knowledge and input is critical, practicing the skill of listening.

Whatever you think an electrical company is, we are not it.

Where We Came From

“We are on this earth for two simple reasons – to be a witness to others and to serve them. The rest is just filler.”

On the morning of July 27th, 2020 Earl Micek, CEO and President of Lumen Electric & Solar, Inc. passed away suddenly. Earl, an icon in the electrical field and his community, was an earth-shattering loss for hundreds.

With his passing Earl left behind his company and team. Met with dark surprise, the team came to the very realization that they would be called to tread the difficult road that lay ahead. But Earl did not leave a legacy designed to fail with his departure. He had created a legacy built upon his spirit. Called to carry on the legacy of their best friend, Justin Schmidt and Fred Ramirez formed Apache Electric & Maintenance, Inc., in 2020, and with it the team that so many Coloradans had come to love and trust remained.

When designing the new companies image the initials “EM” were hidden within the Apache Electric & Maintenance, Inc. company logo. A tribute to Earl Micek.

Our Electrician Services

We are proud to offer master electrician services for residential, commercial, facilities maintenance and solar services throughout the Colorado Front Range and beyond.

What People Say

“The whole team worked together to provide TOP of the line Customer Service. They did an amazing job… thank you so much and I will recommend you to anyone!”

Stephanie R.

“… crew was professional and completed the rewire in the time frame stated. I definitely will use apache electric again.”

Brandon C.

“They were willing to listen to my feedback and knowledge of the building. Something I found that many contractors are unwilling to do. I very much appreciate these guys and will forever use them as my electricians.”

Bob S.
Lumen Electric