There are a number of ways to make a gift – you may donate cash, your time, medical items, stock, food, and more – and we want to help you find the ways that are right for you! Please browse the options in the tabs below. If you find that you have additional questions or would like to discuss how your giving goals may align with TLC’s mission, the Tri-Lakes Cares’ Development Manager Christine Bucher is happy to meet with you. Please email Development Manager or call 719-481-4864 x110 to schedule a meeting.


Tri-Lakes Cares is a community based, volunteer supported resource center whose purpose is to improve people’s lives through emergency, self-sufficiency and relief programs. Since 1984 we have been meeting our clients’ most basic needs while helping them move towards self-sufficiency. As the only food pantry and human services organization located in and serving the Tri-Lakes region of northern El Paso County, we are a critical resource for those in need.

Tri-Lakes Cares offers several types of assistance to qualified clients:

  • Financial Assistance

  • Emergency Assistance

  • Self-sufficiency Programs

  • Seasonal Programs

If TLC cannot provide a specific service or the funding may not be available for specific issues, they can provide referrals to other service organizations, for example:

  • LEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance Program)

  • Budget Counseling

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program)

  • TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program)

  • Senior Assistance

  • Health Insurance Assistance

If you are in need, please contact us to find out if we can help:

For Information for Last Name A-L: Email Rachael Collins at  719-481-4864 ext. 102

For Information for Last Name M-Z: Email Paula Blair at  719-481-4864 ext. 112

2019 Eligibility Guidelines

TLC Client Application

TLC Client Application Additional Household Members

Tri-Lakes Cares

Why does the Tri-Lakes region need an agency like Tri-Lakes Cares?

TLC exists to provide a safety net for low income households in the Tri-Lakes region; and to help those households willing and able, to work toward self-sufficiency.  Many households in our service territory do not earn enough income to meet all their basic needs of housing, food, utilities, transportation, and health care. This disparity between household income and necessary daily living expenses often results in generational and situational poverty.

There are many factors that contribute to poverty in our region, including the lack of higher paying jobs and public transportation. Northern El Paso County also has a higher cost of living in comparison to areas south. Tri-Lakes Cares strives to help our clients overcome emergencies and work toward self-sufficiency by offering resources to improve education and income by supporting self-sufficiency programs and encouraging job skills training.

Tri-Lakes Cares 35 years